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Thrilling, fantastic, surreal, exhilarating, and ridiculously fun are words that often describe skydiving. Most people have a hard time describing exactly how free fall feels but there is nothing else like it in the world. The unique, incredible feeling of stepping out of a plane and feeling the air rush past will give you an adrenaline rush and keep a smile on your face for hours!!!
Yes! Please refer to our Height and Weight Chart for guidelines. Please call us directly (1-509-838-5867) if you have ANY questions or if you fall into the yellow or red area of the graph below. The weight limit is dependent on the height of the passenger.
weight limit graph
Yes, Unfortunately due to legal regulations, every passenger MUST be 18 years of age or older on the date of their skydive. Parental consent cannot be given for minors and passengers age 65+ must bring a signed doctor's note with permission to make a skydive.
Absolutely! Each of our coaches and instructors are highly qualified and hold ratings through the United States Parachutist Association. We are a USPA rated dropzone and training center.
If the weather is unsafe for jumping we will call to inform you before your jump and reschedule you for the next available jump time. Your deposit will stay on account to go towards the future jump. If the weather changes while you are there, we will ask you to wait to see if it will clear up. If this does not happen, your deposit stays on account and will be credited towards your rescheduled jump. Please note that your deposit will be completely lost if you do not show or cancel before we call to inform you of the weather. If you have questions on the weather, please do not hesitate to call the day of your tandem.
We love to work towards the possibility of everyone getting to experience a skydive, however, we need a doctor’s note and a detailed description of your condition to determine if a tandem skydive is possible. Please discuss any health issues you may have with your instructor BEFORE you are harnessed.
We have goggles that help secure glasses or contacts but we recommend that you leave the glasses on the ground or wear contacts if you can see decently without them. Although it is rare to lose glasses or contacts during the jump, we are not responsible for anything lost on the jump.
Please wear clothes that are comfortable for the weather on the ground and tennis shoes or other close-toed shoes without metal or buckles. In cooler weather, you may want layers and gloves. Please remember not to wear any jewelry that can be lost on the jump as we are not responsible for anything lost on the jump.
Up to 13,000 feet ABOVE the Earth! Want More?!?!?! Call about our High Altitude Tandems!  *Please note, strict height/weight/age restrictions apply for these specialized skydives.
Between 45-60 seconds of thrilling freefall and about five minutes of incredible canopy ride once the parachute opens!
A Tandem Skydive is the fastest, safest way for you to make your first jump. It is also the ONLY skydive that offers optional video and still pictures. If you are interested in learning to skydive, please visit our student page to learn more.
Due to safety regulations, a tandem passenger is not allowed to take a camera of any kind on the skydive. However, a friend or family member can take pictures from the ground but please remember that our photographers have an amazing face to face viewpoint while anyone on the ground will not be able to.
Absolutely! We have skilled photographers and tandem instructors available to provide one-of-a-kind video and/or still photos of your Tandem Skydive. Save money by pre-purchasing your video package online when you schedule your Tandem Skydiving Adventure!
We will do our best to get everyone in your group on the video or in the still pictures while on the ground, however, only one person can be in the video or still pictures during exit and freefall due to regulations on distancing each tandem pair from the next.
Everyone can save money by pre-purchasing their tandem package when booking online!
CLICK HERE to go to our Returning Student Availability Form. Fill this form out by MONDAY @ 6PM. Call us directly if you are sending this later than Tuesday or if you have question/concerns. 509-838-JUMP(5867).
Yes. We want to support the highest level of safety culture. As such, we require all jumper harness-and-container systems to be equipped with Automatic Activation Devices. The AAD must be in good working order and up to date with all current maintenance bulletins. For more information on the Equipment requirements, please review the Equipment section in the Skydiver's Information Manual.