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Spectators are welcome to come participate from the ground. Our landing area is right next to our hangar and runway. This means that spectators can be up close and personal to watch skydivers take-off AND land!

Bringing your whole crew is the best way to share the excitement and maybe even talk them into jumping out with you! There's no better bonding experience than feeling the rush of adrenaline with your nearest and dearest.

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Our hangar doors remain open so you can watch as the parachutes are packed. We even have a photo wall that is perfect for taking selfies and telling the world what you are up to on social media!

Camping and Harvest Host

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Skydive West Plains is a Harvest Host Location. We allow camping on sight to self contained RVs, RVs needing hookups, and people who want to pitch a tent and look up at the stars. After the jumping is done for the day we frequently sit around the campfire together and listen to the old-timers tell stories of their parachuting glory days.
If you are skydiving with us or if you are a Harvest Host member, we would love for you to come join us!


If you look up at the skies above us you'll see two airplanes taking our jumpers up to altitude.

Our Cessna Caravan 208 is one of the most popular skydiving platforms in the world, and there's no question why. With it's large open jump door, 14 skydiver capacity, and bench seating it's one of the most comfortable airplanes to jump out of. However, thanks to it's big turbine engine the ride up to 13000ft is so fast you won't be waiting very long.

The Cessna 182 is our favorite airplane for smaller groups of up to four skydivers. It's nimble and quick and reliable. This airplane is with us year round.


We have FAA certified Senior Parachute riggers on-site and available to do routine maintenance and repairs to parachuting equipment. If you are an experienced jumper looking for a new line-set, a patch on your parachute, or you just need someone to answer a question, we have someone who can help!

Video Debrief

We've got hammocks with a view! A room dedicated to video debriefing. If you and your friends just crushed that hybrid jump you have been working on, or flew some sweet lines in your wingsuit, come sit in one of our hammocks and share the video with us. It's a great opportunity to talk about the jump and facilitate discussions that help us all learn.