Skydiving is our Passion!Safety is our Job.

YOUR safety is our #1 priority and OUR safety culture is something to brag about! Skydiving has the potential to be dangerous, however, it is much safer than things we do everyday (including driving!) due to strict safety regulations. All of our instructors are United States Parachutist Association rated and Skydive West Plains is a member in excellent standing. Feel free to call, ask questions or come out and say HI before you make the leap! We know you will want in on the fun as soon as you arrive so harness yourself to one of our amazing instructors and enjoy a Tandem Skydive!


A tandem skydive is usually recommended for your first jump. You will be trained by a USPA rated tandem instructor and he or she will be responsible for your safety throughout the entire process. This option has the least amount of training required and the lowest risk.

Solo Skydiving Student


Book your first lesson that will start you on your journey to becoming a FULLY LICENSED skydiver. This will be a full day of training and you will jump by yourself! The training is very important as you will be fully responsible for landing your own parachute and dealing with any malfunctions that could arise.