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Solo First Jump Course

Experience the thrill of skydiving SOLO! This is the first step to getting your LICENSE and joining the world of skydiving!

Join our student program, the most thorough program in Washington! We follow the United States Parachute Association Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) progression and include a personal coach/instructor on every jump in the series! During IAD jumps, the student will jump solo from the aircraft as their parachute is deployed by our USPA rated instructors. Learn to deploy your own parachute, fly your canopy and land safely back on the ground. Then, jump from full altitude accompanied by an instructor; learning how to fly and maneuver through the sky during free fall! The cost for the Ground Course, including everything you need for your FIRST SOLO SKYDIVE is $249*. Subsequent student jumps are only $111* and include a UPSA rated instructor, ground training necessary to make the jump, rental gear and a parachute packer to get you ready for the next jump! There are 25 total jumps required to attain your USPA A License (internationally recognized).

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All of our first jump courses start on Saturday morning at 7:30 AM. You can expect 4+ hours of training on Saturday morning before making your First Solo Skydive!

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*All prices subject to change without notice. All prices listed are cash prices before tax, reflecting a 3% discount from credit/debit prices.

Even our Instructors are always Learning!

We are always striving to be better skydivers, better instructors and invite a progressive learning environment to our students as well as our staff. As part of this spirit of growing as individuals and as a team , we call in professional Instructor Examiners to teach/train us. Our next Instructor course is being taught by the incredible team at Xcelskydiving.

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