Ready to Skydive?

There are some options!

Skydiving for Beginners

You’ve seen it on a movie or in a television show. You might have a friend or relative that has done it. You might even know a Real Life Skydiver. No matter how the seed was planted, you know that it’s time for you to take the plunge!

Blurb_TandemTandem Skydiving

This is the quickest, safest way to achieve the full experience of skydiving. From the training on the ground to the final landing, you will have one of our trained, certified Tandem Skydive Instructors there to make sure it all goes well.
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Blurb_StudentSolo First Jump Course

The first step to becoming a licensed skydiver is our Solo First Jump Course. Click here to schedule now for the next available spot in the Solo First Jump Course.

Video Options


You’re the Star! Tandem Jumps have the options of adding a live action video or still photos to commemorate your once-in-a-lifetime experience.
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Continuing Jumps in the Student Program


Some people were born to fly! Our student progression program will walk you through all of the competencies you will need to achieve in order to become an A-Licensed Skydiver.
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Licensed Skydivers


We’ve got a great dropzone and love to share it with visiting licensed jumpers. Boogies, Camp Spots, Friendly Competitions. All Disciplines of Skydiving are welcome as long as Safety is the top priority.
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GiftCertsGift Certificates Available

Buy a Gift Certificate for a Birthday, Graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Wedding, or just because you want to show someone you love them by pushing them out of a plane!!! 

You do have a few options for your Gift Certificate:

  1. Tandem Skydive – Recommended for the First-time jumper looking for the thrill of a lifetime!
  2. Tandem Skydive with Video OR Still Photos – includes the Tandem Skydive and Video OR Still Photos of the entire jump process.
  3. Tandem Skydive with Full Video & Still Photo Package – The Ultimate Package deal for anyone who wants to mark this adventure off their bucket list!! Includes the Tandem Skydive and BOTH video and still photos of the entire event. Nothing beats being able to pick your favorite jump photos to hang on your wall or post to social media. Then, when your friends ask if that was really you, you can pull out the video for them to watch and re-live the adrenaline rush all over again!! 
  4. Solo Skydive First Jump Course – Recommended for the adrenaline junkie who has already done a tandem jump or two and is ready to start the training to becoming a fully licensed skydiver. Includes ground training and first solo jump in the progression to becoming a licensed jumper.

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Scheduling Your Tandem Skydive

To schedule your tandem please choose your date and time by clicking the “Schedule Now” button and begin your adventure! If you do not see your desired date and time please contact us at or call 1-509-838-JUMP (5867).

To schedule a tandem skydive you will need to provide:

  • Number of students including names, ages, heights and weights of students
  • Number of students who are interested in video and/or still photos
  • Best phone # to contact you on the day of your scheduled jump
  • NONREFUNDABLE deposit for each jumper in your group (All major credit cards are accepted).

*All prices subject to change without notice. All prices listed are cash prices before tax and reflect a 3% discount from credit/debit prices. Want to Save Time? There are a few steps that you can take to make your check-in go very quickly. Click Here for the Streamlined Tandem Check-in.