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Memorial Weekend ala carte Boogie 2017

May 26, 2017 - May 29, 2017

Sunset Skydivers

No Boogie Fee!
Aircraft = 182 & Caravan
Want a shirt, hat, leggings? Gear Up! We have a variety of Skydive West Plains gear ranging in price from $10 to $50.

Friday, May 26th:
Setup camp, sign your waiver, and start jumping!

Saturday, May 27th:
Sanders Big Ways
Cindy/Doc RW
Onsie Jumps
Hoop Jumps
Mr. Potato Head Jumps
7pm - Lasagna/Salad/French Bread - Crock Pot Lasagna!!! $10
9:30pm - Night Jumps: Don’t forget to get a red and green glow stick as well as a strobe. You must be B-license qualified to participate

Sunday, May 28th:
Sanders Big Ways
Cindy/Doc RW
Theme Jumps - Best from Category gets free jump
Sunset Swoop N’ Chug
Traditional Potluck Dinner: Please bring an item of substance to share with one another.
Bad Skydiving Movies - Yes! Join us as we watch some of the worse Skydiving movies that were ever created including Point Break, Point Break remake, Drop Zone and Fandango

Monday, May 29th:
Memorial Formation Load
Jumping for as long as there are jumpers around to fill up airplanes

ALL events are contingent upon the interest of the jumpers/participants.

We are a Burble DZ now, so if you would like to streamline your check-in process, you can go to burblesoft.com, create an account as a “SPORT JUMPER”, login to your account and click the “sign a waiver” option. The waiver will only work through a browser, not the smart-phone app.